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PIG Avengers!


Connecting the Apple dots

Some of you must know already, but I didn’t. I was wondering why the heck was Apple’s Stock going so high. They went from 400 to 600 in only 3 months. The growth has always been a steady upward inclination but if you look at the graph now you can see what I’m talking about. The whole time I was thinking that this happened because of the iPad 3 announcement, it’s not even that cool. It also didn’t make sense because the thing was not even out yet.

So this is how I started connecting the dots. I was looking at some patent attorney’s website. I was checking his work to see if he could help me out with a patent I want to get done. Very lame site if you asked me, I didn’t think much about this guy. And then… I saw on the very top of his experience section, Patent number 20120016678. It was called the “Intelligent Automated Assistant”, published on Jan. 19, 2012. I clicked on the file and looked at it trying to figure out what the heck was this. It was Siri!!! She got patented and all her processes! That is insane. That is why Apple’s shares are going nuts right now. They are currently at 599 and I can easily see this going all the way to 1000. I remember when they were only sixty five years ago. Wining the patent on Siri gives them complete dominion on the area of this “intelligent assistant” and she will only get better. I do think that it will slow down the progress on technology if Apple is the only one working on this. No one else can contribute to the development of the assistant because of Apples ambition. Which I’m fine about it, I like Apple.

So I kept looking around for more info. I couldn’t understand why did that information slipped through my filters. Why didn’t I know about this patent?! Now it’s going to be even harder because I deleted all my social media apps from my phone… I’m Crazy, but right now I need the time. So while I was looking around I found this awesomeness.


This video is from 1987. Steve Job’s vision has become a reality and now I find it easier to believe that it will soon be capable of more. Watch it. Who would have thought, back in the day that that was going to ever be possible? From the touch screen, to the Face time almost all of it is real now. He truly was a visionary man and he would get things done.

It’s incredible to me, how a man can close his eyes and see all this incredible things inside. It seems to me that he would act on impulse on his ideas. The cause and the desire to make things better was so great in his eyes that it couldn’t be stopped. It’s the same for everyone. You can see as far as your knowledge and resources let you and when your vision is in the realms of reality, that’s when you should act. When your visions are in the scope of reality and you honestly let them flourish according to your knowledge, great things are created. The hard part is the second part. Making it happen.

Make it happen.

P.S. If I made grammar errors, dont judge, Im Mexican.

I need to work on the Leading (distance between text lines) of this blog. I also need to polish the Facebook thing and the Twitter thing.

Cheers :)

Author: Russell Ochoa